Author: Tulum Wellness Concierge

We have selected for you 6 of our favorite beach villas in Tulum. We always remain here putting together all the special details for our clients and curating their trips to the sun. One thing we have noticed is a tendency for longer stays in beach villa/house rentals. This trend is actually the smartest way to travel at the moment and we think it's a great idea! Come and isolate yourself with your loved ones on a pristine beach! Here are our favorite beach villas in Tulum.

Did you know the whole Yucutan Peninsula used to be under the sea thousands of years ago?

This caused the coral reefs to rise above sea level, creating the longest network of underground rivers in the world. That is why the whole environment of the Mayan Riviera is so exceptional.

There is literally nowhere else like it on Earth and Tulum is right in the center of it.

Come and discover the many ways you can experience this extraordinary place and make to most out of your stay in Tulum.

What is all the fuzz about this secret island in the Mexican Gulf? Just a few weeks ago, Holbox was featured in Times Square for the first time as one of the eight main destinations in the Caribbean next to Cozumel, Bacalar, and Isla Mujeres. The brightness of the turquoise waters contrast with the Gotham-like atmosphere of the Big Apple. And who wouldn’t fall before the tantalizing effect of the Blue goddess?
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