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Mezcal tasting 65 USD/person

Aztec legend has it that a lightning bolt struck an agave plant , cooking and releasing its fermented juices, creating a drink . The Aztecs called this sacred drink mexcalli, now known as mezcal. Discover and taste the ancient alcoholic beverage that’s having a surge in popularity. A mezcalero will introduce you to mezcal:  its origins, flavors, and distillation techniques. Pa’ todo mal, mezcal. Pa’ todo bien, tambien!

Mezcal is traditionally served with slices of orange (to clear the palate between tastings) and Sal de Gusano, a mixture of salt, chilies and ground worm. Don’t shoot mezcal – it is said, you should “kiss it”or sip it like a fine cognac. The four tasting and smelling categories…

1-Smoke from the wood used to cook it (eg. chocolate, wood, chili….)

2-Any of 30 essential oils that have survived the cooking process (eg. citrus, floral….)

3-Proteins and sugars from the cooked agave (eg. brown sugar, pumpkin….)

4-Flavors from the fermentation process (eg. fruit, leather, banana….)


Table reservation 25 USD


We will make the reservation at a restaurant from our suggested list of Restaurants in Tulum.  Once booked, we can submit our “ not to be missed” Restaurants of Tulum and the area. Gourmet, fine cuisine, fusion, Argentinian, Mexican, Italian, vegan\vegetarian, contemporary. Let us help you, we surely can help suit all food palates!


Please take note that the fee covers ONE TABLE BOOKING

Event/group planning:

Your Concierge will help you organize a One-day Event such as :

  • Rehearsal Party
  • Anniversary
  • Celebration
  • Corporate Event
  • Photo \ Film Shoot
  • Honeymoon

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*Starting Fee 50 USD to open the file *


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